My name is Imad Kaafarani. I draw weird stuff. Also, I am human.

I am a Graphic Designer, and an Illustrator. I’ve been studying Graphic Design and Visual Communication since 2011 at the Institute of Fine Arts, the Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon.

Video games are awesome. Actually, they are the best! You should not listen to those who tell you they are dangerous, au contraire. I really hope someday I’ll be able to work in the video game industry…

I made this blog to share with you some of the drawings/sketches I make, thoughts I find worth sharing, Etc. I do not have a specific schedule/date for my blog posts, but I try to keep the blog up-to-date.

Thanks for stopping by. You are nice, aren’t you?


13 thoughts on “About

      1. artquench

        Hi Imad,

        We would like you to go to the gallery at http://www.artquenchgallery.com and at the top of the home page is a button that says artists submissions. Please read terms and cond. and complete all information. Send us up to 5 images. We already like your work but all artists must go through the submissions process.
        We will also have you as a featured artist in our magazine to help promote your work.
        We would most likely have your first post in Oct.

        We hope to see your submission.

        Stacia Gates

        If you have any trouble with your submission, please let us know at sgates@ca.rr.com

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