Few sketches from #5

Here are some of the sketches/drawings I made recently on my fifth sketchbook.

Out of the box

She wore a white dress

The patterned cheek

Naked stop

Twisted run


6 thoughts on “Few sketches from #5

    1. Imad Kaafarani Post author

      Actually there are lots of things I should do! I should make a comic book, I should sell paintings/drawings… But every time I start a comic, I end up not finishing it for some reason. And I can’t seem to find the time for framing and selling Art works! Thanks for sharing your thought with me.

      1. sofreshsoclean17

        well I know its not an easy task to put your art into a storyboard, but it would really be interesting to see this work of yours.. keep it going, looking forward for what’s new :)… a nice flavor

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