One hundred people are following me

You don’t see them. They don’t see you. They see a part of you, a part you decided to show to the world, visible and accessible by anyone. They see that part. They like it. The follow it. They want to see more, and there is nothing you can do to stop them! Then they follow you. There are more of them day after day, they keep coming, they are everywhere! Your eyes are wide open, you’re not sure what it means! Now you know there are hundreds of them, following you, clicking you! You better run! Run before it’s too late! Run! R… oh, wait… this isn’t a horror story, is it? What the hell am I talking about. This is stupid. It’s not even funny.. I should stop. I stopped.

Okay I just want to say hi and congradulations to Adam Foreman for being the follower #100 of my blog! No, there is no awards or prices to win with this, sorry. I just thought it would be fun to make such a deal out of it. By the way he’s an illustrator and animator with a fun graphic style of his own, you can check it out by clicking on his name. Cheers


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