In a sketchbook #2

Here are some sketches I made on the second sketchbook.

Agent and boss

Alien head

Crying heart


Heart mutation

Masked characters

Random thoughts

Sinking day

Sliced up

Speaking eyes

The bride

The chosen one



4 thoughts on “In a sketchbook #2

      1. cocoeuvino

        Welcome. I really like that photo because the girl doesn’t really have a head eluding to where she does have a head or limbs rapped around a man… now the man in my mind looks like a keeper- good job, attractive. Meaning that girls would ultimately lose their identiy to be loved by someone with his statue; losing any sense of where she’s come from. It’s good indeed.But it’s not my favorite out of this spread. I really enjoy the guy looking at his watch with his one heartbeat laid out. I am a nurse and all too often I think patients time has ran its course yet they keep fighting for a life that is nothingness. Hey! Sorry for the long response but I’ve enjoyed looking around your site. Your sad, I can see that and that in itself is tragic.

      2. Imad Kafarani Post author

        What you just said really touched me… I’m out of words. All I can say right now is: thank you. You know stuff, and I appreciate the fact that you are enjoying the blog. When people look at my drawings and try to interpret the scene and explain it, it helps me understand what’s going on, because sometimes I don’t understand the picture myself. I like your interpretation. Thanks.

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